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Common Stair Lighting in Edinburgh

From the 1 July 2016, Edinburgh Council will no longer maintain and repair common stair lighting in blocks of flats where all properties are privately owned. Under the current arrangement, Edinburgh Council maintain all stair lighting adopted by the council including electricity charges.

As from July, owners will be responsible for organizing stair lighting repairs and maintenance. Owners should be aware of their duty of care to ensure adequate lighting in common stairs. What does the mean for the owners ? If the co-owners in a communal stair have a factor or an appointed trustee then they need to be aware that they must now manage the repairs.

If the repairs are completed promptly then all good but if not then this could cause issues with regards to safety in poorly lit areas for the residents and any visitors to the property. What if we do not have a factor or a trustee? Well it would be prudent to get this organised. JBE Scotland Ltd already do work for properties not covered by Edinburgh District Council where owners appoint a trustee and pay a small amount into a repair fund every month.

Here at JBE Scotland Ltd, we can quote you for any repairs needing carried out. For further information on communal stair lighting queries, please contact us.