electrical installation edinburgh

Electrical Installation (Edinburgh)

JBE Scotland Ltd in Edinburgh offer our clients comfort in the knowledge that we have a track record of successful every electrical installation that they are seeking. Whether you are expanding your existing business operations, moving into purpose built premises or refurbishing an existing property, professional electrical design based on many years experience ensures systems are as simple as possible but remain effective and capable of expansion.

Professionalism at the beginning is a good investment for the future and ensures minimum disruption to your business operation or procedures.

Whether it is offices, retail stores, hotels, pubs & restaurants, to brand new factory units and industrial refurbishment, you can be sure JBE will supply your business with the best possible electrical design and value for money option.

Aided by computer technology embracing electrical design, computer aided estimating and CAD drawing software, we are able to design and specify the most appropriate and cost effective solution, and finally provide full sets of electrical schematic drawings and test certification.

JBE Scotland Ltd has proven to be the contractor of choice.