Voice & Data

At JBE we understand the entire life cycle of the myriad of communications systems you rely on every day. To that end, we focus on bringing you superior functionality and value every step of the way. We take a customer centric view in our approach to making communications applications return profitability and efficiencies to you, the customer.

Planning A Move – An IT Perspective

Moving office is a daunting. If improperly planned, can add unnecessary expense and loss of productivity.  From an IT consultant or network administrator’s perspective, an office move involves far more than simply moving physical objects from one location to another. Since most problems arise once the move nears completion, plenty of planning should go into the move as early as possible so that the actual move is as seamless as possible.

Network Cabling Basics – What To Expect From Your Cabling Installer

When planning the move or upgrade of your organisation’s network infrastructure, a number of important considerations must be taken into account before you decide to contact a qualified network cabling & wiring installer. Regardless of which vendor you choose, all will require some basic information about your new facilities, as well as your current and future technology requirements.

How To Determine Your Network Cabling & Wiring Needs

The conveyance media you choose for your structured cabling implementation is determined by many factors. The most important of which are your current bandwidth needs, your network environment, your expectedfuture bandwidth requirements and your budget.

Cat5 vs Cate vs Cat6

There are differences between the various types of computer and telephone (CAT) cabling available – specifically the differences between CAT5, CATe and CAT6. Put simply, the primary differences are the way in which each conveyance media handles network support, crosstalk, and bandwidth.

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